Okra is used to prepare all manner of delicacies in Nigeria (Like okra soup) and truly, no one jokes with this vegetable because of its diverse benefits which ranges from both health and economical. If you have been thinking of how to start an okra farming business here in Nigeria, this article will serve as a detailed business plan that guides you to the light.

One attractive feature of this farming business is that it’s easy to start and not in any way capital-intensive. With a land and few farming tools, you’re ready to be called an agripreneur. The demand of okra is so high. Apart from being consumed as food in almost all homes in Nigeria, okra have been used to curtail illnesses like diabetes due to its ability to regulate body sugar.

Okra farming business is a lucrative agribusiness that anyone who has the interest can start. In fact, you can make a lot if you are determined to make it work.



The soil must be fertile and like I always say, loamy soil is the best and you should go for it. On the other hand, make sure that the land is in a site where sunlight isn’t lacking. Water-logging is also not good and for that, make exit for easy passage of water whenever there is a rainfall.

Okra farming business is lucrative when the land is well fortified with nutrients. So, apply either organic or inorganic manure. Doing that ensure that you have a high yield. In one sentence, till the soil, apply manure, make sure sunlight isn’t lacking and then make exit for water passage to avoid waterlogging.

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Okra framing business is a goldmine here in Nigeria. Before you can reap the full potential, you need to plant during the right season. The best time to plant okra seedlings is during a sunny season, that’s dry season. Raining season is hazardous as long as okra farming business is concerned. Before you attempt planting your okra seed, make sure you soak the seed in water for 1 or 2 days. The purpose of this is to help heighten the process of germination.

Your seed you should planted at least, 1 to 2 inches apart.


If your purpose is to sell to market women, restaurants, hotels etc. for human consumption, then you’ll need to harvest the pods when they are still fresh to avoid harvesting inedible pods that won’t sell. 2 weeks after planting is the ideal duration. Some verities might stay more than that time period any way, always monitor your farm to avoid been meet with horror.

In other words, if the okra is solely for the seeds, then the okra needs to stay longer so that the pods will dry and produce more seeds.


The market for okra is so big that demands are yet to be met. For example, there are hundreds of market women who rely on okra farmers for their daily supply of okra. There are also restaurants and hotels who can’t operate a day without such a farm produce.

Other farmers are also potential customers because they will love to buy and store for the next farming season. If you can build your supply points, I mean, build your customer base, you’ll no doubt become a millionaire in okra farming business.

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  1. Delve into okra farming for the passion of it and the need to solve the economic problem in Nigeria. With that mindset, you’ll find yourself successful.
  2. Fertilizer can be your savior in times of manure crisis. Don’t overlook it when the natural one has failed.
  3. Strive to build your customer base, the bigger, the more successful you become in okra farming business.
  4. Selling directly to the final consumer can be a way to double your returns.
  5. As time goes, always expand by acquiring more land and employing more hands to help out in your okra farm.


Okra farming business is a profitable farm idea that can make you lots of money if done well. There are numerous okra farmers here in Nigeria who have land deals with multinational companies that focuses on okra for their raw materials. Such deals mean the farmer is no longer just a farmer but a millionaire.

Source: EntMirror