Egg Collecting and Grading:

Mechanical collection of eggs is common in modern layer farms. It takes about 26 hours for each egg to develop and each hen lays an egg a little later each day. This is not an exact thing and most eggs are laid in the morning. Eggs should be collected regularly and transferred from the hen house to an egg room where they are graded or checked for weight and for damaged shells. A sample of eggs is often broken open to check internal quality. Eggs are packed into cartons for 12 eggs or trays of 30 eggs for sale. Prices vary with egg size, so eggs must be separated on the basis of egg weight. This is done automatically by a machine called an egg grader.

Marketing for Layer Poultry Farming:

Eggs are stored in a cool room at about 13oC and transported in an insulated truck. Unfortunately, many shops selling eggs do not store them under ideal conditions. In the home and shop situation it is best to store them at normal refrigerator temperature (4-6oC). Marketing involves a range of prices, depending on the different sizes of egg, different brands, or other differences which attract particular buyers. Free-range and fat modified eggs are among the varieties available.

Source: growelagrovet

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