Poultry breeders spend a lot of time focusing on finding chicken feed ingredients that provide good nutrition for the flock. Modern farming methods have introduced the ability to enhance the nutritional properties of chicken ingredients with supplements and additives. This benefits both farmers and feed producers or producers. High-quality feed additives can improve the overall economic benefits of feed for manufacturers and producers.

Some of the most common additives include pellet binders, moisture optimizers, and grain and feed conditioners. For farmers, the benefits of chicken feed additives are two-fold:

(1) longer shelf-life and preservation of feed

(2) enhanced nutrition that improves the value of poultry

Chicken Feed Ingredients

  1. The seven basic chicken feed ingredients
  2. Cereal grains
  3. Cereal byproducts
  4. Fats and oils
  5. Protein meals
  6. Miscellaneous raw ingredients, such as tubers and roots
  7. Minerals and vitamins
  8. Feed additives

Grains usually make up the largest portion of chicken feed. This is an economical and efficient component that helps meet the energy needs of chickens. Unfortunately, grains are very sensitive to mould, bacteria and decay. Improperly stored grains can contain mycotoxins, which can negatively affect the health and growth of chickens. Thanks to the preservative properties of feed additives, grains can be used as an ingredient in chicken feed and will not spoil over a long period of time.

The key nutrients needed to feed the chickens include amino acids found in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fat, oil and protein make up the rest of the chicken’s dietary energy requirements.

Improving Chicken Feed Ingredient Value

Effective supplements will make feed processing for livestock feed producers more profitable by improving the overall value and nutritional quality of the feed they produce and sell to farmers and bulk buyers. These nutritional supplements can also help sick and stressed birds return to optimal health. Another benefit of supplements is that they are easy to use and can limit metal contamination in chicken faeces.

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Source: AgricultureNigeria