Poultry farming has already proven to be a lucrative business, so you may be willing to start a farm for your new source of income. In broad, poultry farming means raising various types of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of meat, eggs and feather production.

Chicken products are among the major source of animal protein, aside from beef, pork and fish. And chickens are already an integral part of human life. Small scale poultry production fulfils the animal nutrition demand of a family. But large scale or commercial basis poultry farming offers an opportunity for people to earn a huge amount of money.

Follow the step by step process for starting your new poultry farming business. Starting a poultry farming business is easy and involves lots of regular work at the same time. Here we are trying to include all details you will need for the business.

Have Your Investment Ready

Poultry farming requires investment. You can arrange the money on your own or you can apply for a bank loan. Both government and non-government bank loans are available for starting a poultry farming business. You should contact your desired bank for the loan process. As a beginner, you should start with a minimum number of birds which will cost you pretty less money.

Production Type

First of all, determine the production type of your poultry farm. You can raise broiler chickens for meat-production purposes and choose layers if you want to produce eggs commercially. You can also start your poultry farm by selling poultry products and breeding stocks directly to your local customers. Determine your production purpose, select proper poultry breeds according to your desired production and go for the detailed planning.

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Set Farm Location

Selecting a good farm location for your business is very important. You should select a location which has all the required facilities and favorable for your business. It can be slightly far from the town, where land and labor are pretty cheap. But don’t set up the farm too far from the town, because most towns have a high-density population and you have to target that market. Also try to avoid setting up the farm in residential areas, because poultry farms produce an offensive odor. While selecting the farm location, consider transportation system and medication facilities also.

Construct House

After selecting farm location, construct a good house for your birds. Ensure all required facilities are available in the new house. There are three types of poultry housing systems you can use: extensive, semi-intensive and intensive. For commercial production, an intensive system is most convenient. You can raise your birds on the floor or in a cage system. On average, broiler poultry needs about 2.5 square feet of space and layer poultry needs about 4 square feet of space. For example, if you want to raise 200 layers then you have to ensure about 800 square feet of space is available. About 4 square feet of space is required per bird in a cage system. Don’t forget to add proper lighting and ventilation system in the house.

Purchase Required Equipment

You need to purchase some equipment for your poultry farm. Required equipment are listed below for running a poultry farm successfully.

  • Feeders, Waterers,  Nests, Cages, Coops
  • Crates, Incubator, Egg tray, Lighting instruments, Perches
  • Brooders or heaters, Ventilation system, Waste disposal system
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Labor or Manpower

Based on the number of birds, you need more or less manpower/labor. As a beginner, if you start with a minimum number of birds (200-500) then you can manage your farm by yourself easily. If you plan for raising more birds then you will need additional manpower. Ensure cheap labor is available in your selected area.

Purchasing Chicks

After setting everything up and having everything ready, purchase quality chicks from a trusted breeder in your area and start caring for them. Set the brooder ready before bringing the chicks from the breeding house to your farm. As a beginner, it is wise to start with day-old chicks instead of older chicks. If you are a complete beginner without any prior experience, keep the number of chicks to a minimum (anyhow not more than 500).


Feeding is the most important part of poultry farming business. After constructing houses and purchasing equipment and chicks, you have to spend a large amount of money for feeding your birds. About 70% of your total project expenses will go towards feeding. And the success in the business also depends on quality and adequate feeding. You can purchase the feed ingredients from the market and prepare the feed by yourself or purchase ready-made poultry feeds from the market. Different types of commercial poultry feeds are available in the market for each type of bird.

Health Management

As we have mentioned above, you have to ensure a proper medication system in your area. Poultry birds are prone to various types of diseases and you have to be ready for controlling them. We know ‘prevention is better than cure’, so you have to be conscious and take proper care of your birds to keep them safe. Vaccinate them timely and always try to provide them with fresh water and food. Also stock some required vaccines and medicine so that you can use them when needed.



Good marketing strategies influence the profit from your business. If you can sell your products in the market easily, then it will encourage you in getting more production. We always recommend determining marketing facilities in your area before starting any farming business. Because your business will not be much profitable if you can’t market your products properly.

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