Okra is a flowering plant known for its edible seed pods. It is an essential part of the cuisine of many parts of Nigeria. Having okro readily available all the time can make a huge difference in your dietary habits and improve the eating lifestyle of you and your family. It certainly saves you that trip to the market. So, we have decided to show you how you can grow your own okro. Amazing, isn’t it?

Have you got those few extra feet of space in your backyard? Then you can follow these guidelines to grow your own okra.

First of all, prior to planting, soak the okra seeds in water for 12 to 18 hours to soften their hard seed coat. Soaking aids moisture absorption and germination.

If you are buying okra plants, purchase those that are started in containers that can go into the ground. Disturbing okra’s roots hampers growth.

Okra can grow from three to six feet tall. Choose a spot where its shade will not harm other sun loving plants. Sow the seeds one-inch deep in rows that are three feet apart. The seeds generally germinate in two to 12 days. Okra will grow in many soil types, so mulch and fertilize as needed.

Once the plants start to grow, thin them so they are spaced 12 to 18 inches apart.

Okra thrives in the full, hot sun. Regular watering is needed and is particularly critical during flowering and pod development. During extended dry spells, a weekly deep soaking is beneficial.

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Crop rotation and good soil management help control diseases. It is not unusual for okra to attract various beetles and worms. Watch regularly for infestations and treat appropriately.

Credit: southernstates