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Stem cuttings are usually the main mode of propagation of cassava. Soon cassava seeds will replace the use of stem cuttings in Nigeria and farmers will no longer have to depend on the ancient ways of cultivating cassava all year round.

Mrs Maria Ukpayang, who is the coordinator of Small Scale Women Farmers Organisation of Nigeria (SWOFON) mentioned in a statement recently that Nigerian farmers may no longer depend on the ancient techniques of planting cassava all year round.

She said that her group has made effort to present new cassava seeds into the country. Ukpayang said cassava seeds are innovations which many countries, including Uganda, have since implemented during a conference of the women group which is made up of different women agriculture cooperatives.

“We have made effort to get these seeds from Uganda for distribution to our women farmer groups.

“I need to stress that farming has gone nuclear, and we in Nigeria do not need to lag behind,” she said.

Ukpayang said many countries and associations have improved modern agric methods and innovations as a way of bolstering food production to ensure food security and that Nigeria, as a matter of necessity, must key in. Her group has made effort to get these seeds from Uganda for distribution to our women farmer groups. Small holder farmers should also key into the modern way of agriculture. These seeds are a lot easier to cultivate. We know that in Nigeria our cassava stems do bear the seed.

She exhilarated young people, especially, not to be ashamed of farming as it ought to be a goldmine. She bemoaned that the group and many other agriculture cooperatives face the task of accessing high yielding seeds and agric credit in Nigeria because many women members do not have the required indemnities.

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Source: Daily Trust

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