Papaya, commonly known or called Pawpaw in Nigeria is one of the fruits crops which are grown by many both as a subsistence and commercial agriculture or farming. It is a tropical fruit, so it is grown also in other tropical African countries and globally.

Farming business in Nigeria needs huge capital but pawpaw cultivation doesn’t require much so it makes it a better substitute to other kinds of farming which requires much start-up capital, therefore, making it an ideal business for every farmer and all interested in the low capital, high-profit kind of farming.

What you need to know to start the business of pawpaw farming in Nigeria is discussed below:

•    Buying a land is always the first step after you must have already made up your mind on what kind of agricultural business you will like to invest in, it is the main asset that clearly chops off cost but its essence should not be overlooked, and in the case you can’t afford such cost you can also rent a land for such farming practices till you are able to buy one.

•    Consider as well the type of soil available on the land, Pawpaw grows wells in loamy and humid soil but not in sandy or waterlogged soil like clay. Pawpaw tree especially the stem and root are very sensitive and because of the nature of the tree which is not as strong when compared with mango or orange trees can easily rot when in waterlogged soil or area.

•    Planting any fruit or seed crops requires healthy seeds; therefore make sure that the pawpaw seed is healthy which will not only yield sweet fruits but also healthy ones.

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•    Pest easily attacks the pawpaw tree when growing and when mature, to control and manage pests which can cause diseases and poor growth of the pawpaw tree when the tree is mature is not easy, but ash is locally used in many parts of Nigeria especially in the subsistence farming practice to kill and drive them off, by pouring it on the root of the pawpaw tree which is their main target.

•    Before harvesting or waiting for it to mature, don’t limit your sales only at the market, try to inform companies and industries that use pawpaw and its derivatives in the production of cosmetics, beverages and medicines about your farming business so that you can supply to them as well, as pawpaw tends to ripen easily.

The start off of pawpaw farming may not be encouraging because it is a perennial crop but unlike most of its kind, it readily produces fruits when mature, as it bears fruits from the 7th – 11th months after planting. Also when compared with other farming businesses, it requires low capital as anyone can successfully venture into it.

Source: FineLib