There are lots of farmers in who have failed in the farming industry as a result of negligence to certain approaches ought to have been adopted. Some of the reasons why farmers fail are listed below:

  1. Being absent from farm

Farmers are required to visit their farms regularly in order to make the farming business a success.


  1. They do it alone.

Establishing a farm without meaningful and proper interactions with other farmers that matters and sourcing of vital information will pack up in no time. No one can succeed alone. A smart farmer knows that there are webs of interactions with farmers, vets, nutritionists and other notable professionals that will make farming successful.

  1. Use of cheap inputs.

A cheap mentality at the expense of productivity will always lead to frustrations. When a farmer is fanatical about cheap inputs, he is digging his business grave.

  1. Biting more than they can chew

Farmers take up more than you can handle financially and technically in a bid to make it big and fast but this eventually leads to the down fall of the farm.

  1. Inadequate records

Most farmers do not keep proper and detailed records of events in their farm. Therefore, it is difficult for them to know the cost of production for a particular produce and and lack information in certain areas which may result in running at a loss by farmers.

  1. They focus more on the traditional method.

One Israeli prime minister once said that agriculture is 95 percent science and 5 percent work. When a farmer focuses more on traditional way than the improved method of farming, he is bound to fail.

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