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  1. Cultivate Yam: Yam is one of the major staple crops grown in Nigeria. It yields best at places where there is rainfall of about 150cm throughout the farming season. Farmland clearing, tilling and making ridges are essential in yam production. Planting of yam should be carefully done by cutting whole yam into smaller pieces. After planting the yam, weeding at a regular interval is necessary so as to reduce competitions with the weeds. Yam takes about 6 months to mature depending on the specie planted. The yield of yam depends on the type of the soil, specie of yam, crops you inter-planted it with and quantity of fertilizer or agrochemicals applied where necessary. Yam can be kept for months without getting spoilt after harvesting. It is always good to create market before harvesting.
  2. Yam Trading: This is another agribusiness opportunities for business men and women who cannot plant yam for different reasons which could be due to lack of farmland, lack of good climatic conditions that support production of yam and/or inadequate technical-know-how of cultivating yam. Trade yam could be a part-time or full time business. However, it is capital intensive with high profit margin. The first thing to do in Yam Trading is to identify places where yam are heavily cultivated (Oyo, Benue, Ondo, Kwara etc) and cities where yam is highly demanded or consumed (such as Lagos, Onitsha, Port-Harcourt etc.). Start with purchase of small quantity and get them to your expected market. Now, you will choose whether to sell to direct consumers or to sell to retailers knowing your profit margin after expenses.
  3. Yam Processing into Flour: This is another business in value chain of yam. This involves adding another value to the yam produced by the farmers which include peeling, slicing and sun or oven drying the tubers. Then grind with machine into fine powder. This is flow by packaging into different sizes and labeling for more advertising of your product.
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