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Because ginger is a tropical plant, it won’t live year-round in colder climates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t grow it at home. Plant it during the beginning of spring (whenever you’re sure there won’t be frost), or keep it potted indoors when temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Growing ginger is pretty simple. Like potatoes, you can start a new ginger plant from a healthy root you buy at the produce market. Look for one that’s about 3 to 5 inches and has some buds growing on it. Soak the root in water for a few hours before planting to encourage growth.

Follow these steps, too:

  1. Select a pot that’s deep enough for the root (a medium-size pot around 15 inches wide).
  2. Fill the pot with healthy soil, something full of compost that lets water in and out.
  3. Plant the root (buds facing up) 1 inch under the soil.
  4. Place the pot somewhere to get sun for most of the day.
  5. Water regularly to keep the soil slightly moist.
  6. Harvest the root once the plant is fully grown and the leaves start to yellow.

Source: Everyday Health

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