Pig farming business is the act of rearing piglets or weaners till maturity for commercial purpose. This involves getting the right piglets, vaccines and vaccination and the management of a piggery in Nigeria. Constructing pig pens, taking care of the farrow and boar and managing the period of gestation are all very essential. What is pig farming?

Determine the size of your intending pig farming business.

Just like every other thing, the planned size of your pig farm will determine every other decision, the pig pen (housing), the feeding, the labour, even the target market.For instance If your plan is to have a little pig farm, you may want to use somewhere at your backyard as their pen (house).

Research pig market in your area.

So many dumb people in the business world work hard to create products, then, start looking around for the market (buyers).

As you’re planning to start a pig farming business in Nigeria (or elsewhere in Africa), you have to consider the marketing part of your intending business

Your first assignment is to answer the question; who and who around here will buy my pigs? Do they buy them alive or as pork? What are the forces that determine the market demand? Do people eat more pork at certain time? Are there taboo or religious beliefs against pork around here?

Build your piggery (pig house)

Pig`s pen is an area you have to pay attention to. Your pen has to be spacious and as neat as possible (in order to avoid insects and diseases). To start on a medium scale commercially level, you may consider half or a plot of land.

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Pigs will natural love their pen (house) to be divided into four areas:

Where they eat, where they sleep/lie (pigs love to sleep near each other), where they urinate/defecate (pigs naturally choose this themselves) and the remainder part of the pen is used to travel from one point to another, to exercise and entertain themselves.

Pigs love to congregate together, so if half a plot accommodates certain number of pigs (depending on their sizes), don’t expect that a plot of land will naturally accommodate multiply by two of what half plot accommodates… it will accommodate more… because they love to lie and be around each other, so the more pigs, the less space… to an extent.

The best practice when constructing your pigs’ pen is to make it square, not rectangular.

Though rectangular pig pen can be used, it’s not going to give you the best in your pigs` management.

It’s as well advisable to let the floor of your pen drain very well and not be clay or poorly draining floor.

This is because pigs have pointy hooves that bear much weight.

A clay soil may not cause much problem in the dry environment, but can quickly make life tough for your pigs when the environment is wet because it can cause injury, feed wastage and can contribute to illness.

Concrete pens are good because they alleviate the problem of mud/footing that can be caused by the clay or web floor, but also present their own problems. They hold heat during hot months and could result in joint injuries and illness.

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Get healthy piglets (pig-children) for your pig far

When planning to get your piglets, make sure you find out the best sources around you. Your piglet must be healthy and a few history about their parents may be of good help. You also need to be sure that they have been given the appropriate vaccines.

Understand Pigs’ Vaccines & Vaccination

Piglets and pigs are administered with vaccines, either to protect them from diseases or to heal them of them.

Pig Vaccines contain antigens from viruses, bacteria, bacterial toxins, or parasites. They are given to pigs, usually by injection, to stimulate an immune response which will protect the pigs against later natural infection with the organism from which the vaccine was derived. Most stimulate both a humoral response and a cell-mediated response.

Understand pig diseases and the solution.

Animals get sick you may not easily know when the pigs in your farm are getting sick, except you pay attention.Since every sickness starts with symptom, you will be good to have an experience person near you such as a veterinary doctor. Aside from sickness, you will need the service of a veterinary to give appropriate vaccine whenever necessary.

Understand pig feed; how pigs eat in the pig farm.

Some people suggest feeding your pigs twice in a day. While this may be a good standard, other factors have to be considered. The age of your pig or piglet, the breed (specie) of your pig, amount.

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