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Kolanut originated from the tropical rainforest of Africa and belong to the family of Cola nitida. These nuts are derived from the kola tree which has a scientific name called Cola. It is a fruit which is rich in caffeine. This caffeine-containing fruit grows on the evergreen tree which has a height of about 20 meters. These nuts are packed in a hard shell-like structure and surrounded by ovoid leave. It is quite bitter, but when the whole-fruit is chewed, it gives a feel of sweet fruity taste. However, its aroma is pleasant and gives you the smell of rose petals.

Health benefits of Kolanut

Boosts Energy
It works as a stimulating agent and regulates heart rate by increasing the circulation. Its circulating nature provides proper oxygen to all parts of the body including the brain. It is often used as a cognitive booster as it raises the level of oxygen in the brain and helps you focus on tasks by increasing concentration level. Being rich in glucose and starch, it generates a lot of energy and gives you delighted effect.

Promotes Weight Loss
If you want to get rid of extra fat and desire to be fit and healthy, then nothing gives you satisfactory results than kolanuts. The fruit increases the rate of metabolism and helps your body to excrete more and store less without inducing adverse effects on your digestive system. It restrains your appetite and simultaneously provides essential nutrient to your body. Its mode of action is to intensify the need for water.

Boosts Immunity
Kolanut provides stronger resistance by keeping the system away from harmful toxins. Its anti-oxidant property wipes out free-radicals from the body and produces an effective immune response against foreign particles.

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Retards Prostate Cancer
A report has shown that kolanut has aiding compounds to treat prostate cancer such as phytoandrogens and phytoestrogens. These compounds are considered as anti-inflammatory drug which often produces a continuous reaction that can retard the development of the prostate cell.

Boosts Metabolism
Its beneficial quality is highly associated with the amount of caffeine it contains. Kolanut produces maximum metabolic rate in the body. It can also aid with slow metabolic functions, but in some cases, it exerts a negative effect on people who suffer from a critical heart condition. Moreover, it acts as a stimulant and provides better heart health with prescribed dose.

Treats Respiratory Disease
Caffeine is quite warm and that is why it effectively cures respiratory illness. It acts as a bronchodilator and dilates bronchioles and bronchi which in turn reduce the occurrences of influenza, pneumonia, and asthma. Caffeine provides relieve from contracted bronchia.

Relieves Migraine
It provides ease from severe migraines due to the rich content of theobromine and caffeine. These compounds improve the blood flow rate throughout your head as it works as a cerebral vasodilator.

Side Effects of Kolanut

Causes Increased Blood Pressure
People suffering from hypertension should stay away from these nuts as their stimulant property increase the blood pressure. People with normal heart function can enjoy these kola nuts, but old people should consult a doctor before consumption as they are more vulnerable to medical complicatTremorss

Causes Sleeping Disorder
Kolanut containing products also exert similar impact as kola raw nut does. Intake on a regular basis can lead to sleeplessness and stressful insomnia. Those who frequently face trouble in falling asleep should maintain some distance with these products.

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Causes Tremors
As it is an active stimulant, it can put a negative impact on central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Its powerful effect can lead to shakiness, anxiousness, and tremors.

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