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Production of walnut requires you have lot of patience, because it takes 6 to 7 years for it to mature for harvest after planting the walnut sapling.

  • Site selection. Select a location with well draining, loamy soil. Avoid steep slopes, ridge tops, rocky soil, and soil with large amounts of clay.
  • Select good seedlings.
  • Water occasionally during dry season for two to three years when the weather is very hot, because regular watering will harm the plant, whether grown from nut or seed.
  • Remove weeds away from the soil and mulch when the plant sprout and grow to an extent.
  • Fertilize the tree as soon as it has grown past sapling size.
  • Test the soil pH after fertilizing to see if you need to adjust it back to normal levels.
  • If you have not pruned trees before, especially saplings, look for an experienced pruner to help you identify leaders and important branches is recommended.
  • Prevent pest invasion, squirrels are a common in walnut groves, and can take an entire crop of nuts if not controlled.

Precaution: Walnut husks can stain and irritate skin and clothing. Protect yourself with waterproof gloves.

Source: Afrimash