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Most people detest the locust beans because of the unpleasant smell but unknown to them, locust bean is beneficial to its consumers.

The plant commonly referred to as Iru by the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria. It is also known as Ogiri by the Igbo people of the country and Dawadawa by the Hausa people in Nigeria.

It is also a local ingredient for soup and stew such Vegetable, Egusi, Ewedu, and so on.

There are various health benefits that can be derived from this plant, one of such is that it contains nutrients like protein which build and repair tissues in the body, carbohydrate which is a source of energy to man’s body. It also helps to fuel the brain, kidney, heart muscles and the central nervous system. It also includes Fat and calcium.

According to research, it contains tannin and astringent substances found in many plants

Some benefits of the plant are listed herein

1. Locust beans make vision clearer: Its consumption helps to give good eyesight to people who have eye problem such as cataract, minus eyes, myopia, glaucoma and the rest because it also contains natural nutrient that can maintain eye health

2. Locust beans treat stroke: A stroke is a disruption of oxygenated blood to the brain. It is also usually associated with cholesterol and high blood pressure one of the most convenient way to treat the sickness is to consume locust beans regularly.

3. Use to control cholesterol: Cholesterol causes blockage of blood vessels, which can lead to heart-related diseases. The consumption of locust beans can control this menace.

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 4. Locust beans treat Diarrhea: Locust beans can serve as a local medicine for diarrhoea, (which is a condition where a person excretes in liquid form repeatedly) because it contains a nutrient called tannis and the substance works for diarrhea medicine

 5. Locust Beans treat hypertension:  Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is when the pressure of blood pumped through the arteries is higher than it should be. The consumption of locust beans can serve as a local medication for patients suffering from this disease.

Source: The Nation