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Livestock feed production is an agribusiness sector that has a lot of opportunities. From chicken feed production to fish feed production, the opportunities and diversity potential of any livestock feed production business remains vast.

Here are some business opportunities in the livestock feed production in many places around the world including Nigeria or Africa as a continent:

1). Chicken Feed Production (Poultry): 

Poultry or chicken feed are food usually consumed by chickens, ducks, geese, and other domestic birds. They could consist of one or more varieties of whole, cracked, or rolled grains. These feed can also be served through troughs, hoppers, tube feeders, scratch grains or scattered on the ground.

Poultry feed is one of the most sort after animal feed products, because of the volume of poultry animals raised in many parts of the world yearly.

Some common categories of poultry or chicken feed in Nigeria, Africa, and everywhere else around the world are:

  • Layer Mesh
  • Broiler Mesh
  • Chick/Starter Mesh
  • Grower Mesh

If you must start a livestock feed production business, manufacturing poultry feed is a must!

2). Fish Food Production: 

Fish Feed Production

Fish food or pellets are used to balance the nutrition needed by domesticated fishes. They are usually in pelletised or granule forms, and are composed of high quality nutrients like vegetable proteins, cereal grains, vitamins and minerals, to enable the fishes feed efficiently and grow to their full potential.

High quality fish food are always in high demand. You can take advantage of the market’s preference for this and manufacture slightly low priced, but good quality feeds to gain a quick market acceptance.

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Some other livestock feed business opportunities to explore include:

  • Pig Feed Production
  • Goat Feed Production
  • Cattle Feed Production
  • Dog Food Production
  • Cat Food Production