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Pests and Diseases

Every single phase of this plant lures plenty of insects, worms, wilts and various fungal or bacterial diseases. Cowpea plants come with very attractive crops along with juicy or tasty stems and leaves, which seem mouthwatering to the number of bugs, and insects. Consequently, it is quite hard to protect them from such troubles.

Cowpea aphids, pea aphids, armyworms, corn earworm, Mexican bean beetles,etc. are some common insects which could attack and damage your cowpeas crops massively. Fusarium wilts, charcoal rot, Cercospora leaf spot, brown rust, brown blotch, bacterial blight, asochyta blight, etc. are some common diseases which often infect the cowpeas along with its whole plants and destroy the crop entirely.

Aphids or small insects could be protected by the silver colored plastic mulching or a strong jet of water. You can use organic pesticide sprays to get rid of any kind of insects in a more easy way, though some gardeners disagree to apply any type of chemicals on their crops in any circumstance. Thus, it will be better if you can protect your plant from any other ways instead of applying pesticide liquids. On the other hand, providing adequate warm weather and supplying a good drainage system are two simple ways to stay away from any kind of fungal or bacterial diseases. Always use non-hybrid and rot-free fresh seeds for the plantation to avoid any kind of such troubles in future. Try to use fungicide products on the already infected place, if you want to protect the rest part of your plant effortlessly.

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