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How to Prepare Fruit Wine


Fruit wine is a kind of wine that is produced from fresh fruits like Mango, Pineapple, Coco, Orange, Banana, etc.


Ripe pineapples, oranges or lemons, sugar/food color, water, citric acid, DCL wine.

Other requirements

Table, firewood/charcoal, two jerry cans and one jerry can for 20 and 5 litres respectively, bucket, two saucepans, tube, net, new basin, jag, sieve, funnel, knife.

Step 1

Wash ripe pineapples with a scrubbing brush and place them in a clean sauce pan. Wash the oranges and put them on a clean table, oranges or lemon are used so as to add flavor to the wine.

Step 2

Have the pineapples peeled, separate the peelings from the peeled pineapples. Put the pineapple peelings in a sauce pan together with sliced oranges/lemon add adequate water then make fire and have them boiled.

Step 3

Slice the peeled pineapples into very tiny pieces and squeeze them using clean hands.

Step 4

After squeezing, sieve the pineapple juice using a clean bucket. To maximize the juice out of the pineapple you can get the pineapple residues put them in a net with very small holes to completely squeeze out the juice. The residues should be added to the boiling mixture of pineapple peelings and oranges in step 2 above.

Step 5

(Assuming you’re making a 20 liter jerry can of wine) Pour ten (10) cups of pineapple juice and 8 cups of sugar in a bucket and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Fry two cups of sugar in a saucepan until the sugar turns brown and then add it to the mixture in the bucket. This is aimed at having wine colour. The mixture of sugar and juice can now be poured in the 20 litre jerry can.

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Add the ten cups of sugar directly un-fried. In case you don’t fry the sugar, use food colour.

Step 6

Get the water from the mixture of boiled pineapple peelings and oranges in step 2 above and add it also to the 20 litre jerry can where the mixture of pineapple juice with sugar was put. The jerry can should not be filled to the brim. Cover the jerry can tightly to avoid any air in. Place the jerry can in a basin of cold water.

Step 7

Add one (1) flat tea spoon of CITRIC ACID and DCL Wine in the jerry can. CITRIC ACID maintains the longevity of the pineapple wine while DCL Wine speeds up the maturity of the wine.

Step 8

Get a small tube that can allow air to pass through; get a 5 litre jerry can and cut it into half from the top; put a small hole on the jerry can top cover which can enable the tube go through; power a cup of cold water in the cut jerry can; then place the tube to run from the jerry can top cover into the water in the cut jerry can. This assists in maintaining the wine at low temperatures. Make sure that the tube is tightly fixed in the jerry can top cover to avoid the wine scent from evaporating.

Step 9

Keep the jerry can in a cool place and not directly on the floor. It can be placed on plywood or plastic.

Step 10

After one month, sieve it and pour it in another jerry can, it should not be sieved from a basin because it will evaporate. Use a funnel and a sieve to start the process. Again add the same amounts (1 flat tea spoon) of CITRIC ACID and DCL Wine as did at the beginning. After two months pineapple wine can be consumed however it’s sweeter when taken after three months and above.

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