Farmers’ association, which is an organization of farmers with a common purpose and having a formal structure, has been identified one of major ways to attain good farm outputs. It is the desire of all farmers to have a reasonable measure of output after investing time, energy, money and many of other resources in agribusiness but often time all these efforts result to less expected outcomes just because of not being a member of agribusiness association of relevance.  Many times young farmers do suffer from lack of information, lack of finance, inadequate and obsolete farm implements, poor access to government aids among other that could have yielded better outputs and all these can be related to lack of interest in farmers’ association. Some of the benefits of being a member of farmers’ association are to:

  • get access to relevant information on season and time, ban agrochemicals, markets etc.
  • help and support young farmers both technically and financially
  • provide farming facilities to members
  • get access to government funds and other supports
  • form a synergy that will speed up the process of farm produce export to the EU and US
  • help with all certifications for members
  • provide high quality seeds, fertiliser and agrochemicals, as well as technical assistance on best agricultural practice to farmers
  • create a platform where farmers get involve government projects
  • create a database of all stakeholders
  • invite both local and foreign investors and expose them to farmers in need of them..

It is therefore advisable to find out any agribusiness association in your vicinity and joining the association will allow you to operate at optimum level of farm output. Some of the Agribusiness associations in Nigeria are:

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By: Moses Agunbiade