Having done all the farm planning and ready to carry out your plans, there is something else you need to include which I called Farm Security. Farm security is the key to realization of farm goals. Can you imagine a situation whereby you have invested a lot of money, energy and resources on farm over a long period of time and waiting for the time to harvest your investment but unfortunately you get to your farm to meet nothing but footsteps of the people that came to rob you of your farm produce? It is, therefore, important to include farm security in the planning of your agribusiness. Things to consider as far as farm security is concerned:

Farm Location: Location of your farm is one of the key factors to consider as far as security of farm is concerned. Is your farm located in the city or urban area where nearness and accessibility is very convenient for people with or without your permission? Failure to provide for security to safe guide your investment on farm is as good as throwing your money into an ocean.

Farm Size: Farm size is the total area of land in which all your farm investments cover. The size of your farm size determines the kind of materials and how much money will be needed to build your farm security.

Type of Agribusiness: It is important to note that different farms requires different security strategies to protect the farm. For instance a poultry farm may require poultry cage, fence and security men while a fish farm may require covering net to prevent the fish from predators such such as birds, toads, frog, snakes, etc.

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Time and season: Some farms need security most at one time or the other.   For example, security of a rice farm is only threaten at the time when rice is fruiting and mature.

Moses Agunbiade